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Space Planning

May 23, 2013

Interior Design Begins With Space Planning

A big buzz phrase today, amongst designers, is ‘design thinking’. One way design thinking applies to interior design is through the process of space planning. During the initial interview with a client one objective of the designer is to ascertain how much space should be allocated for reception area, offices, conference room, accounting personnel and so on based on furniture and user space requirements. But key to any space plan is the adjacencies of each office activity.

Good space planning will take into consideration the work flow of a client’s business. An example might be a company with a purchasing department that works often with the accounting department, placing those two business activities next to each other, or maybe better in a open office setting together, will make work flow more efficient.

Outlining all office functions to create efficient workflow by establishing adjacencies for an entire office is a valuable tool to the space planning process. In Robert Curedale’s book Design Methods 1 there is a section called ‘behavioral map’ which speaks to tracking how people move through a space and the time they spend in a location. This type of study may be another way to get information from users to determine an effective lay out of interior space.

Yes good space planning is a vital element of an effective interior design, in addition to good lighting, ceiling design, floor finishes, wall color and furnishings, but those areas will be apt for future discussion.

Radames Lamboy, CID


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